Mar 9, 2021
Coexisting with Cougars in Utah – April 29, 2021

Coexisting with Cougars in Utah

With independent wildlife field biologist, tracker and educator – Rosemary Schiano
April 29, 2021 at 1:00 – 2:30 PM PT
includes limited live Q&A afterwards.

In her presentation, Rosemary Schiano addresses the need to protect mountain lions and other predators in Utah and discusses practical non-lethal methods, devices, guardian animals and structures that homeowners, small farms, livestock farms and ranches can use and deploy to protect pets, farm animals and livestock from predation. Rosemary will include a focus on the natural history, ecology and behavior of mountain lions, and the challenges they face on the modern landscape.

Rosemary Schiano is an independent wildlife field biologist, tracker and educator. She served from 2011-2019 with the US Forest Service in the high Rockies of Colorado. Rosemary has over 40 years of experience in the field studying wildlife across North America with an emphasis on terrestrial and avian predators. She trains and certifies federal and state agency personnel, wildlife professionals and law enforcement officers in classes and workshops on living with predators, natural history and ecology of predator species, bear spray, aversion and hazing techniques, and how to apply them. She also gives public talks and classes about predators, non-lethal methods for protecting pets and livestock, aversion techniques and co-existence. Rosemary has tracked hundreds of mountain lions, bears, wolves and coyotes over the course of her career and regularly hazes predators upon request for homeowners and ranchers. She has managed ranches and never lost an animal to predation.


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