Mar 9, 2021
Florida Panther 101 – March 11, 2021

Florida Panther 101

Have you ever wondered about the elusive panthers living in the swamps of South Florida? You’re invited to join Panther Outreach Specialist with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Ashlee O’Connor, as she discusses the history, biology and ecology, management and conservation of this isolated puma population.

Ashlee has a B.S. in Wildlife & Fisheries Management from the University of Tennessee. She has lived in Florida for 11 years working and volunteering with private, government and NGO groups focused on the conservation of Florida’s native species.

When she isn’t working on conservation issues, she is living them on her small family farm, mitigating conflict with wildlife on the rural/exurban fringe in south Florida. You can also find her homeschooling her two children, working with the family’s livestock guardian dogs, managing her beehives and leading her local chapter of La Leche League.

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