Aug 23, 2021
Living with Lions in Las Vegas

Living with Lions in Las Vegas

This year, there have been at least four sightings of mountain lions in Las Vegas, one of which ended in a mountain lion being euthanized. Nevada’s worsening drought conditions, combined with a variety of other stressors, will continue to occasionally push mountain lions into city limits. Fortunately, mountain lions tend to avoid humans, and there are several things city residents can do to ensure the safety of both themselves and their local lions.

This educational webinar will share everything you need to know about living with lions in Las Vegas, including the history, biology and behavior of the species, why they are important for ecosystem health, the threats they face and how people can stay safe and live peacefully in mountain lion country.


About the presenter:
Logan Christian is a Conservation Advocate for Mountain Lion Foundation. He holds a BS in Environmental Studies, an MS in Natural Resources and Environment and has over five years of experience educating the public about wildlife conservation issues with a focus on carnivores.

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