Photo of people signing Prop 117 petition.



On June 5, 1990 the voters of California approved Proposition 117, the California Wildlife Protection Act. The Act accomplished two things. It prohibited the sport hunting of the California Mountain Lion, and it required that California spend no less than $30 million a year on wildlife habitat protection.

Prop 117 became California Fish and Game Code Sections 4800-4809.

Since 1990, four changes have made to the law. In 1999, AB 560 amended Section 4801 to allow lions to be killed to protect endangered sheep. In 2011, SB 769 amended Section 4800 to allow deceased lions to be used for educational purposes.

Section 4810 was added in 2012 (via AB 1784) to authorize humane mountain lion research and transparency. Section 4801.5 was added by Senate Bill 132 in 2013, requiring nonlethal measures to be used to resolve public safety situations when a lion is not acting aggressively.

Visit the featured pages below to learn more about California's Proposition 117 and legislative efforts to protect mountain lions in the golden state.

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