Mar 17, 2023
Living with Lions Webinar Series 2023

In every landscape they inhabit, mountain lions play a critical role in maintaining a healthy natural ecosystem. And, yet, their continued presence in those landscapes is often tenuous.

Our Living with Lions webinar series highlights the challenges mountain lions face in existing in a human-dominated landscape, as well as the solutions that are being implemented at local, national and global levels to preserve them.

If you’re interested in hearing the latest developments in mountain lion research and want to be a more effective advocate for wildlife, these webinars are for you.

Join us for the kickoff to our 2023 series. Registration is open now for these events.


April 19, 2023: Best and Worst Places to Be a Lion in America

Mountain Lion Foundation Executive Director Brent Lyles will give a science-guided take on where you would, and would not, want to live if you were a cougar.


May 17, 2023: Predators, Pests and Power

Science journalist and acclaimed author Bethany Brookshire will be on hand to explore human perceptions of wildlife and how it affects their well-being.



June 21, 2023: Trail Cams for Conservation

Tune in to hear what we’re learning about mountain lion behavior with lion advocate and photographer Denise Peterson, head of Utah Mountain Lion Conservation.


Then, stay tuned for a new talk each month as we dive in deep with scientists, journalists, authors, policymakers and more. Unless otherwise noted, all talks will take place at noon Pacific time, via Zoom. Registration is free and required in order to receive the link.

Can’t wait for this new series to start?

Here are three highlights from the 2022 series to tide you over.
  1. Watch ten-year-old Molly pose an excellent question to Laura Coleman, author of The Puma Years.
  2. Check out this spot in “The Animal Guide to Love and Raising Kids,” to hear Dr. Jennifer Verdolin share some surprising information about how cougar kittens communicate with their mothers.
  3. See the reaction from Mary Roach, author of Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law, when she learns that the Mountain Lion Foundation was on its way to assist the Anderson Valley High School after it had requested a depredation permit.


Watch even more highlights from past events on our YouTube channel.

Our Living with Lions webinar series came about as we endeavored to stay connected during the pandemic, and it has carried on as a terrific way for people across the country to come together to learn about lions. All events are free to attend, with donations to support our efforts welcome. This community has contributed well over $10,000 toward mountain lion protection efforts through these webinars since their launch in 2021. It’s inspiring to see so many people not only making time in their lives for mountain lions, but also giving generously to support recovery and co-existence efforts.

These events are just the beginning of the series. If you aren’t already receiving our e-newsletter, sign up today so you don’t miss out when we announce the next events in this series.

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